Like gag me with a silver spoon, so grody!
Like gag me with a silver spoon, so grody!

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P O O L S I D E   ▲▲▲   FABULOUS

Classmate: “I think you tried a little to hard on your presentation. That was to much talking.”
Me: “What do you mean? It’s a college course and we followed her guidelines. We talked for 25 minutes out of the recommended 20 for 4 people.”
Classmate: “Yeah, but still… that was just a little to much.”
Me: “What? The required amount of work to have a passing grade in this class?”
Classmate: “You just didn’t need to try that hard.”
Me: “I didn’t.”
Classmate: “Well I think you did.”
Me: “That’s probably why your not passing then.”
Classmate: “…” 

That’s right asshole. Don’t fucking argue with me. Just because a majority of this class can’t make a decent powerpoint past the 8th grade level does not mean you have to tell me off when you know there was nothing wrong with my presentation. Get your facts straight before confronting me dumb ass. 

To top it off a girl took what I wrote to her, word for word and quoted it as a fact to the class. She never sited me in her paper either. Only 3 out of the 4 of us did our work. What the hell. Now that’s plagiarism to the extreme. 

Now on to my text topic:
Tim Burton or John Hughes?

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