Like gag me with a silver spoon, so grody!

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Today is my last day in Kona, Hawaii. It’s a sad day indeed. I don’t want to go back to my job. 

FWS4 on Flickr.
About to sell an original art piece for the first time.

I’m so excited!

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What do you think of my new theme?

Like this post if you’re into fashion, neon, the 1980s, kitties, fitness, the big bang theory, Patrick Nagel and/or an independent artist. c:
I’m clearing out who I’m following and looking for a new newsfeed!

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So if you’re into neon, colorful, fun, vibrant, and retro check out my 1980s blog! I’m so sure you’ll love it!
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I’m so super, super, super shurrr!
I totally want these!